Goodnight Keith Moon

In the great green room
There was a telephone

And a dead Keith Moon

And a picture of

Townshend jumping over the Moon

Goodnight Keith Moon is (pardon the pun) a dead-on parody of Goodnight Moon by Bruce Worden and Clare Cross about the death of Keith Moon, drummer for The Who. The pictures and the rhyme scheme are perfect. As someone who has read this book more times than he can remember, I'm happy to read another variation, though I still have much love for Goodnight Opus.

One day my son will find this blog and understand a lot more about me. Or have something to tell his therapist. Whichever.

Goodnight Keith Moon

Make sure you go to the site to see the whole book, but if you want to have someone lull you to sleep with this gentle tale of a rock star overdose, the above video will do the trick.
(Link via The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century)

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  1. Great find!

    I have a blogging buddy who thinks that Goodnight Moon is a frightening read. I'll have to forward this on to him.

  2. I love updated classics. I knew the moment I saw this that I had to post it. Thanks for the link, as always.