Love to Link You Baby

Time to spread the link love. I spent my day reading other people's blogs instead of writing my own today, so I thought I would share the joy:

• I’m already dreading The Simpsons movie and it’s not coming out for another year. Reports Culture Kills… NewsCorp is going to leave no stone uncovered making sure everyone knows it’s coming. They’ll make Krusty look subtle with their advertising campaign. Sigh.

• Funnier than wikipedia (of course) and more entertaining than IMDB, check out A History of Angelina Jolie over at Film Experience. You may think that you’ve read enough about the chosen one, but you’d be wrong.

• Over at Cheaper Than Therapy there is a surprising amount of conversation about poutine, a lovely concoction of gravy, cheese curds and fries. Seems Attila the Mom is not convinced, but we can help her see the error of her ways.

Come on Pilgrim says what I was thinking about the cancellation of Mr. Dressup but just didn’t get around to writing about. I’m glad other people are less lazy than I.

Now go visit.


  1. Oh that picture reminds me of one of my favorite Simpsons fake movie titles:

    As Good as it Gets II: The Worsening

    Thanks for the link Jeremy.

  2. Thanks for the link-up!

    I have to say, I like potatoes and gravy. I like potatoes and cheese.

    It's the gravy/cheese thing I'm having a hard time--uh--swallowing. ;-)

  3. Nice links! I really enjoyed them. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Loving your site and Culture Kills! Thanks for the workday distraction.

  5. I live to give. Thanks for dropping by.