Paraskavedekatriaphobia Butchery

The National Post's Andrew Barr and Mike Faille breaks down Jason Voorhees' body count since he started waging his one-man war against the evils of premarital sex, drug use, being a teenager and not being Jason Voorhees. Click on the pic or here for the full-size version.

Today marks the release of the 12th Friday the 13th movie. Expect a huge outbreak of paraskavedekatriaphobia when they roll out the 13th edition.

Until then, stay away from any abandoned, lakeside summer camps. I'm just sayin'.

Update, Aug. 6, 2011: Welcome Hey Oscar Wilde! fans. Andrew Barr can be found at Somethingagogo and @DunwichHorror, Mike Faille at

Update, Aug 10, 2011: Monsterologist Andrew Barr has updated his Jason body count infographic, changing Shelly from Part 3-D from female to male. I have updated it above and linked to his site.


  1. SOOO Awesome...! Can we animate these into GIFs?

  2. Maybe not we, but if you know how to do that sort of thing, go nuts.

  3. This is great, however, there are two errors. The Shelly and Chili genders are incorrect. Shelly was a male, Chili was a female.