Batman Gets Pwned

Remember when the psycho in Batman was the Joker and Christian Bale had only played one on the big screen. This is not that video. This is just Batman trying to play Batman in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

"Why would I punch Superman? This is dumb. It's fun though! This is what I did to Lois last night. Huh, huh. Huh, huh."

But speaking of people who curse like sailors, "What the f#@! is everyone swearing about?" That's what Cursebird is trying to find out, by aggregating all swearing Twitter folk do in their Tweets. There are so many you'd think you'd walked on to Christian Bale's set.

Oh yeah, @PoppedCulture is on Twitter too. You can follow me — I don't swear that much.

OK, I can't resist, here is RevoLucian's remix of Bale's epic freak out. Turns out he's also working on RuPaul's next album. What a weird career.

Update: The speed of this viral phenomenon is stunning, even for the interweb. Now somebody has mashed up the Facebook fave David After Dentist with the Bale blowup to create Christian Bale takes David to the Dentist.

And should you care to make your own, there's always the Christian Bale Soundboard.

Stay tuned...


  1. "I don't swear that much" - that's gonna have to change. If Bale has shown us anything, it's that the F# way you F# attract F# attention and F# traffic is by F# swearing like a F# trailer park boy - F# it!

  2. As for Bale - well that poor F# is clearly F#

  3. I love this F#. He's making some very funny F# viral videos.