All Your Memes Are Belong To Us

If one good viral video deserves another, then paying tribute (parodying?) 24 of them ought to help do ok, right? Yup. Weezer's latest video, for Pork and Beans landed on YouTube two days ago and has already had over 2 million views. From Dramatic Gopher to Mentos explosions and the Star Wars kid, it's like all the memes of the past few years rolled into one tightly packed piece of time wasting.

If you need a refresher on the all the videos they are referencing, Vallywag has pulled them all together on one page. It's similar to a recent South Park episode where 10 of the most popular memes killed each other off in a violent melee. But that's just wishful thinking — they aren't ever going to die.


  1. I wonder how they convinced the Numa Numa guy to do it...but then again Chris Cocker's doing it ... so it can't be real.

  2. This is the only thing those guys are famous for and appearing in this video is likely the only money they've made off it, so I imagine getting them wasn't that hard.

  3. Sigh...stupid YouTube-blocking work Nazis...

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  5. I really like Weezer. But in this instance I think Barenaked Ladies did a better job of it last year.

    Sound of Your Voice video

  6. Mr. Fab - tell work YouTube is essential to your job. It has to be, no matter the job.

    Aidan - I hadn't seen that and had no idea Weezer followed their lead. Of course I recognized the viral vids in Weezer's more than BNLs. Of course in a year when someone does a new version, I won't remember half of them. So it goes...