100 Pop Culture Santas (Almost)

Everyone has their favourite pop culture Santa, be it the kindly old gent from Miracle on 34th Street or the irascible Billy Bob Thorton in Bad Santa. In between these two extremes are a lot of Saint Nicks, some celebrated, some rightly forgotten.

Here are 96 pop culture Santas, from Archie to Zanta — hopefully I found the one you love. Merry Christmas everyone, see you after the holidays. Ho ho ho. Click here or on the picture for a full-size version.

(Oh yes, it is 96 instead of 100 because the snazzy app that laid these pics out for me does them in lines of 8. Tell me four others you would have included.)


  1. Thanks for that! I think my favourite would have to be Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas...

  2. What? No Hannukah Harry? Hee!

  3. Happy to oblige! And Liz, I put in a scene from Hebrew Hammer. Does that come close?

  4. Very cool - did you know you have the "Tales from the Crypt" Santa in there twice?

  5. Bad Santa?!?