Goldilocks Is A Villain

"Three little pigs, three blind mice, three bears, three villains, three rows of fairy tale fearsomeness."

I'm convinced, Goldilocks is a villain. A great tee by SeedUvPain, but I don't think it has printed. Too bad.

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  1. Once upon a time in Texas, there were three little pigs. They each decided to build a house. One pig made his house out of straw. Another made his house out of sticks. And the last pig made his house out of bricks.

    One day, a wolf visiting from out of state got hungry. He saw the pigs and their houses and decided to eat them. The wolf approached the straw house and called out "Come out and let me eat you, pig, or I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house down!"

    The Texan pig responded "The f*ck you will!" He pulled out his Mosin-Nagant and shot the wolf dead.

    And the three little pigs lived happily ever after.

  2. That must be from the Don't Mess with Mother Goose edition. We don't always get the Texas curriculum up here. ;)

  3. Well of course she is - she trespasses, steals stuff, etc. Then she tries sweet talk her way out as if she were all sunshine and curls! Granted that she's not as bad as Little Red Riding Hood, but she's still a horrible example!

  4. Of course you never realize that as a kid - it is only when reading it to a child that you see the characters for who they really are.

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