Muppet Rawk!

I'm loving the art from Muppett Rawk III. The challenge: "Involve any Muppets from the world of Jim Henson and recreate a favorite album cover of any band of any genre." Here are three of my favourites, taken by the awesome Augie Pagan.

Above: Revolver by Karin Madan

Boys Don't Cry by Aaron Jasinski. Beaker as Robert Smith? Oh god, I want to hear a whole album sung that way!

Muppets Milk by Gene Blakefield. So that means Rowlf the Dog is Flea? Ha!

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  1. I know! I was hoping to find a link to posted art, but no luck. I was laughing looking at them all.

  2. I saw your post and wanted to send along my piece which was also featured in the show:

    Thanks for covering this show!