Rock 'N' Roll A to Z

Can you name every band? Artist Eduardo San Gil has the key.

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  1. To the young 'uns who are a tad clueless about their musical history (except some of the obvious) here's the movers and shakers of this alphabet: A: Angus Young ACDC; B: Bob Marley; C: Robert Smith The Cure D: David Bowie; E: Elvis Presley* F: Roger Waters Pink Floyd; G: Slash Guns 'N' Roses; H: Jimi Hendrix*; I: Ian Curtis* Joy Division; J: Michael Jackson*; K: Gene Simmons KISS; L: John Lennon*; M: Madonna N: Kurt Cobain* NIRVANA; O: Sinead O'Connor; P: Prince; Q: Freddy Mercury* Queen; R: Mick Jagger The Rolling Stones S: Carlos Santana; T: Tina Turner; U: Bono U2; V: Eddie Van Halen Van Halen; W: Stevie Wonder; X: Billy Idol Generation X; Y: Neil Young; Z: Robert Plant Led Zepplin... (*RIP)

  2. Is there a way to buy this as a poster or download a high quality version of this? We would like to use it in our baby's nursery.