The Ennui of Henri

My filtered water tastes impure.My turkey and giblets has begun to taste exactly like my whitefish and tuna in gravy. It's all the same.

French cat existential angst at its arty best.

Link via Cute Overload! and by way of Pam, who's kittie isn't quite as deep a thinker.

All Popped, No Culture

A fun little toy from Animoto that I heard about on Q this afternoon. Load up your pics, choose some music and out pops this slick looking video. Not too shabby.

You can create 30-second videos for free, but anything longer will cost you $3. I may even pay up, but who knows, I said the same thing about Radiohead.

I used 18 images - bonus points to the person who can name the most.

All Your Memes Are Belong To Us

If one good viral video deserves another, then paying tribute (parodying?) 24 of them ought to help do ok, right? Yup. Weezer's latest video, for Pork and Beans landed on YouTube two days ago and has already had over 2 million views. From Dramatic Gopher to Mentos explosions and the Star Wars kid, it's like all the memes of the past few years rolled into one tightly packed piece of time wasting.

If you need a refresher on the all the videos they are referencing, Vallywag has pulled them all together on one page. It's similar to a recent South Park episode where 10 of the most popular memes killed each other off in a violent melee. But that's just wishful thinking — they aren't ever going to die.

Archie vs. Common People

Take the lyrics to Pulp's best song and toss in Riverdale's class struggle that has always been at the heart of Archie comics and you get Chris Invincible's clever mashup of the relationship between Archie and Veronica.

And for added bonus points, Michael Hanscom set the whole thing to music.

The Marketing Campaign Is Out There

In a summer season crowded with super heroes and big-budget blow 'em ups, how does a long-lost franchise break through the marketing clutter? No, not Indiana Jones — is there anyone who doesn't know that's coming out? (Plus it has a Cannes premiere, for whatever reason.) And I'm not talking about Sex and City, which has every media outlet indulging in all the fashion and relationship brouhaha that swirls around it.

I speak instead of intrepid FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who have long since faded from our TV screens. While the show went off the air in 2002, for many fans it ended two years previously when David Duchovney started curtailing his appearances. I had been an avid fan but lost interest with the convoluted, going-nowhere mythology, and once Mulder was gone I transferred my allegiances to a young Sydney Bristow. I never even saw the finale. A movie came out, which I recall had something to do with bees, and is now mostly referenced as a cautionary tale for Lost on how not to wrap up a series.

With so much baggage — and indifference — The X-Files has embarked upon a brilliant stealth marketing campaign to get people talking about extraterrestrials again, with the aid of some very heavy hitters.

First the Vatican weighed in, out of nowhere, professing a belief in aliens. "In my opinion this possibility (of life on other planets) exists," said Rev. Jose Gabriel Funes, the head of the Vatican Observatory and a scientific adviser to Pope Benedict.

"How can we exclude that life has developed elsewhere," he told the Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano in an interview in its Tuesday-Wednesday edition, explaining that the large number of galaxies with their own planets made this possible.

This from a church who didn't get around to admitting that Galileo was right about the earth revolving around the sun until 1992.

Then on the same day Britain's Ministry of Defense released their files on UFO sightings, dating back to the 1970s, with more to come. The ministry said it compiled the reports solely to determine whether enemy aircraft had infiltrated British airspace. "The Ministry of Defense has no other interest or role regarding UFO matters and does not consider questions regarding the existence or otherwise of extraterrestrial life-forms," it said Wednesday.

A coincidence, as easily explained as weather balloons reflecting city lights, or evidence of viral marketing is out there? It's a conspiracy I want to believe.

Whoa, Freakin' Sweet!

Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Family Guy Matrix mashup is. You have to see it for yourself.

Hot Chair-on-Chair Action

Roof Sex is a short, stop-motion animation film that is intensely graphic, but probably not anywhere near how you might think. I went to the director's site — eatPES — looking for something else this just grabbed me. More cushion for the pushin', if you will.

Run For the Covers

Sleevefacing: You can't do this with an MP3. First, dig up an old vinyl record (it's what music used to be recorded on and is made of... never mind, look it up or go ask your parents). Then pick out a piece of cool cover art (or sleeve, if you will) and start extend the scene.

I just heard about this yesterday and have already poured over 1,000 versions so far. That's not an exaggeration — check out the sleeveface page on Flickr, and this how-to video on YouTube. Until you start posting your own, here are my 10 favourites:

Oh Billy, you were always a little glam. From Soulkombinat.

Sticky Fingers indeed. If the zipper had been down on that Stones album, I might be wondering where this was going. From Mateo329.

This one is so close that you can barely tell that there is an album in the picture. And who knew Iggy Pop could look so nice? From Tsjeu.

Love the Yo-Yo. Do you think Yusuf Islam still plays with Yo-Yos? That third hand is a little disconcerting. From Lynnifer.

You just know the hole in the ozone came from Babs using cans and cans of this stuff in the '70s. From delainey.

I really think Robert Palmer should keep his clothes on. It's just not the same without the suit. From rensenbrink78.

Nothing much to add here — just impressed with the integration of two people into the sleeveface. From carla_mabel.

No, Mr. Kristofferson, not the beard! Another from Soulkombinat.

The Man in Black has a gigantic noggin. A syringe too, but we knew that. From Professional Recreationalist.

Ah, Tina Turner's legs. Good enough. From See Gee.

Bonus sleeveface with Johnny Paycheck. I couldn't resist, he's drinking a 50! From Matt Wagner.