Frankly My Dear, I Don't Give A Bunny

Gone With the Wind

With God as their witness, the bunnies will never be hungry again after this epic retelling of Gone With the Wind, in a mere 30 seconds, filmed in stunning Bun-O-Vision.

Mostly it boils down to a lot of kissing and slapping and not a whole lot more. I like it!

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Super Emo Friends

Poor misunderstood heroes and villains — they're just sad and miss their dead relatives. From JSalvador Design and sadly already sold out. (Link via Super Punch)

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When You Get The Force, Then You Get The Women

Scar Wars

Say hello to my little Wookie friend! Han Solo (and a little bit of Indiana Jones) is Tony Montana in Scar Wars. (Link via Topless Robot)

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Hip Hip Hulu!

Hulu is coming to Canada! Ok, not really, but there is a step towards offering online TV called RODO — Rogers On-Demand Online.

The site will launch November 30th with approximately 1,500 videos and 15 content providers, but I've had a chance to poke around it a bit. The content is limited for now but they plan to add one new content partner every week for the next 12 months. The videos stream with ease and have an ad at the beginning of the show or inserted in it — which is a relatively minor thing.

The drawbacks? It is only for Rogers customers, only in Canada, and there is no option to embed shows on blogs or other sites. Hopefully that will come in time.

I've never seen Hulu, being geo-blocked, but I had hoped Rogers announcement was going to be a partnership with Hulu. No luck, but this is at least a move towards the cable companies and broadcasters loosening the reins on content and letting consumers have some choice. I'm willing to give it a shot.

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I Know Lego Kung Fu

Lego Matrix

Forget Bullet Time, now there is Lego Time, or at least the Lego version of the Bullet Time dodge scene from The Matrix. The difference between the two (other than the use of Lego) is the amount of time to film it — 440 hours in this case.

In every other respect, it is an exact replica of the scene, which their side-by-side comparison. If anything the Neo Lego Miniman may have been slightly more expressive than Keanu Reeves.

Geeks really do make the best fans, and these guys embrace it. From their FAQ:
Q. You guys have too much free time.
A. This is not a question. However, we do hear this a lot. All you have to do is borrow some of the time that would otherwise be spent sleeping.
I hear that. (Link via Neatorama)

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History Of The Turducken

Happy Day Before Shopping Thanksgiving to my American friends. Hopefully some of you will be eating this magical beast. If you'd like to but haven't already started preparing it, it may be too late. Or you could toss it into the microwave, as far as I know. I'm not much of a cook.

Be sure to read the complete comic at Medium Large.

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Remember: If In Doubt, Cheat!

It's always best to know your enemies weaknesses. So memorize designer Olly Moss' poster for A Life Well Wasted and you two will know which of Achilles' heels to attack, how to defeat monsters and take out the Death Star, should that happen to come up again. (Link via Neatorama)

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The Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody

The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

Let me joke (Do not like your jokes)
Let me joke (Do not like your jokes)

Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody as performed by the cast of The Muppets? It's the best thing ever! Stop reading and watch, or watch it again! All the Muppets are true to form with note-perfect lines. Plus a lot of great, minor characters like Dr. Tongue and Sam the Eagle. It really seems The Muppets are back! (Link via @thehartley)

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Kirk Cameron's Last Supper

Kirk Cameron as Jesus? With his evangelical anti-Darwin campaign, he certainly needs to get down from the cross.

I don't know why Mike's (Kirk Cameron) Judas would be played by his brother Ben. I would have figured it would have been Leonardo DiCaprio's Luke who came in as the cute, new kid and has had a slightly more successful career.

The cast of Growing Pain's Last Supper is from Funny or Die's Kirk Cameron Action Kit. (Many thanks for the tip to Paul at Aurora Walking Vacation)

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Goodnight Keith Moon

In the great green room
There was a telephone

And a dead Keith Moon

And a picture of

Townshend jumping over the Moon

Goodnight Keith Moon is (pardon the pun) a dead-on parody of Goodnight Moon by Bruce Worden and Clare Cross about the death of Keith Moon, drummer for The Who. The pictures and the rhyme scheme are perfect. As someone who has read this book more times than he can remember, I'm happy to read another variation, though I still have much love for Goodnight Opus.

One day my son will find this blog and understand a lot more about me. Or have something to tell his therapist. Whichever.

Goodnight Keith Moon

Make sure you go to the site to see the whole book, but if you want to have someone lull you to sleep with this gentle tale of a rock star overdose, the above video will do the trick.
(Link via The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century)

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Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind

Close Encounters of the Redneck Kind from Marc Bullard on Vimeo

Dueling Banjos, of course! Now we know why aliens are always turning cows inside out and picking up dudes in pickup trucks. They're kin! Aliens, they just never stop surprising you. (Link via Miss Cellania)

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Caffeine Loves Me, This I Know...

I love coffee, but somehow it tastes even better on a Saturday. It seems caffeine highs are put to much better use doing, well, things like this.

The graphic is from The Oatmeal and part of a much larger comic titled 15 Things Worth Knowing About Coffee. I sometimes hate my obsessive desire to track down the original creators of stuff I find floating about the web, but I think everyone should be credited for their work and, if you're lucky, you stumble across a treasure trove of great stuff. And all because of coffee. Yay! (Link via In Web We Trust)

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Twilight: Interview With The Non-Vampire

Twilight New Moon - Interview With Non-Vampires

I joined the Twihards at the Toronto premiere of Twilight: New Moon last night and, as you can hear from the screaming in the video, the audience was made up of mostly hormone-surging girls and women. And that was just for two minor characters (Bella's day Charlie, played by Billy Burke and her school chum Eric, played by Justin Chon. The pair clearly drew the short straws for who had to come to the American Express sponsored event. You threw a good party AmEx, but those guys were B-O-R-E-D.

Despite that, my Twilight knowledge is now slightly higher. I know that vampires sparkle in the sun, for some reason, though it appears to be a voluntary thing. I also know that werewolves are made out of chiseled marble disguised as muscle when in human form. What I don't know is why these mythological creatures have any interest in the personality-free Bella, but maybe that was explained in the first movie.

The bonus of the premiere was a mini-show by UK trio Band of Skulls, who rocked out in a too-bright room surrounded by high-heeled women sipping red wine. Odd.

I Know What I Am - Band of Skulls

They played five songs but I only recorded I Know What I Am and Patterns before my arm got tired. I am nothing if not professional.

Patterns - Band of Skulls

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Raise A Little Hell!

It might be more appropriate to say raise a tiny bit of hell. An almost infinitesimal amount of hell, because if tossing crackers into soup is what passes for hell-raising these days, my kitchen could pass for Hades.

Oh yeah! I'm totally going to rock out my soup with some saltines! Woo!
I just don't get advertising sometimes.

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Twilight: Three Wolf Moon

So I'm off to the Toronto premiere of Twilight: New Moon tonight, which I admit is a little odd. I figure I will be both the oldest person in the audience and the only one who hasn't seen the previous film or read any of the books. But because I am nothing but intrepid I did some research and if it is anything like the above trailer it should be a good time. I will report back about all the squealing.

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Badda Bing Badda Brand

MINI Extended Motorer Protection

Companies really need to think before they attach themselves to pop culture figures. BMW’s Mini is trying to tell people they should have extended motor protection for their car. You know, protection, wink wink. So out they roll (WARNING I'm totally about to spoil the above video) Paulie Walnuts to protect this amorous couple out in the woods.

Hey, when was the last time I saw Paulie out in the woods with a car? Hmm, I don't think it went so well. MINI Extended Motorer Protection: You Might Get Away With Only A Head Wound.


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Cyborg Sex Machine

Sex Machine! from Dan Meth on Vimeo

"I want to get into it, you know, like a sex machine. You know, doin' it, like having sex with a woman but as if you were a machine. Like some sort of mechanized device built for copulation with a lady. " Oh, so that's what James Brown meant...

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Edward Simpsonhands

And now you know what Edward Scissorhands would look like if he was on The Simpsons — from the talented Dean Fraser of Springfield Punx.

It got me wondering what sort of episode Edward would show up on. Certainly Springfield would be a fine stand in for the suburbia surrounding Edward's Gothic mansion. I could imagine somehow Homer switching his hands for Edward's scissors and constantly slashing himself and everyone around him. I'm guessing it would be a Treehouse of Horror episode.

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Around The (Charleston) World

Everything old is new again. New if you mean a three-year-old video of people dancing The Charleston, a 90-year-old dance step, set to Around The World, a 12-year-old song by Daft Punk. Which I do.

But tell me this doesn't look like b-boys. In any case, cool. (Link via Urlesque)

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It's All About Ctrl

Who wants to be controlled? You've got to Esc! (Fugitive via uneetee)

Sometimes you just gotta get away. (ESC From New York via Neatorama)

Like what you have? Then just hit Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V and you're good to go. (via Geekologie)

Ctrl-V — it's better than glue. (Paste via TeeFury)

Undo, undo, undo! If only Ctrl-Z worked that way. (via Threadless)

And sometimes you just need to reset with the Ctrl Alt Del tea cups. (via Neatorama)

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Contest — The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Time for Popped Culture's first ever contest! On Thursday, Nov. 19, American Express is hosting a gala of The Twilight Saga: New Moon at Toronto’s Winter Garden Theatre. The screening takes place at 7 p.m., the day before the movie premiers, and will feature appearances by cast members. Coincidentally, I am giving away A PAIR OF TICKETS.

The winner gets to see the movie, sit in on a cast Q&A and attend an after-party where Band of Skulls (who are on the soundtrack) will perform.

To win: Go to and the first person to email me the invitation phrase wins the tickets. Oh yes, you have to be 18 or be accompanied by an adult to attend. I'm also not flying anyone in so, you know, keep that in mind. No prize substitutions either.

Full disclosure, I get to go too. Don't worry, you don't have to sit with me or anything. Even further disclosure, I haven't seen the first Twilight film nor read any of the books, but who am I to avoid a pop culture phenomenon? My previous interests in vampires have been, in order, The Count on Sesame Street, Count Chocula, Lestat, Angel. So there you go.

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What Do You Think About That, JFK's Foot?

Seth MacFarlane domination with 612 different Seth MacFarlane shows! Fat dads. Hot moms. Awkward kids. Mean babies. Eccentric supporting characters that would normally have the ability to talk. Hmm, which one of these was fake?

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You Sunk My Cruise Ship!

That is some crappy cruise — it must have been obvious they were sailing into a war zone, what with all the water plumes and flaming ships. Who's the captain, Zapp Branningan?

Wrong Target by Glennz — and yes I realize I am turning into a t-shirt blog.

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Space Invader Autopsy

And here I thought they were ships. My bad. Alien Autopsy, from Threadless designer Chris Rowson.

So what's with all the Space Invader (and Pac-Man and Super Mario for that matter) references lately? Is my generation really getting that nostalgic? I suppose I shouldn't ask that without a solid look back at my postings.

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Matrix: The Silent Movie

Silent Era Matrix

Charlie Chaplin is The One in this Russian comedy troupe's silent film version of The Matrix. If you can't handle the six plus minutes (which is admittedly long for you web-addled monkeys) skip to about 5:30 and watch the Cream Pie Time filming technique, which was the cutting edge of 1920s film. (Link via Neatorama and spreading like wildfire, so don't get left out!)

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Used Hotel Mattress Sale

My buddy Mike snapped this oh-so-wrong sale while wandering down King St. in Toronto. There is only one appropriate response: Burn it with fire!

Of course it also reminds me of Homer's Fort Adventure:
Homer: "Ooh! The Springfield Men's Shelter is giving away sixty soiled mattresses!"
Milhouse: "It smells funny in there."
Homer: "No it doesn't."
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My God, It's Full Of Stars

The Golden Age of Video

This video came, saw and kicked my ass. To the Idiotmobile!

I've been meaning to post Ricardo Autobahn's The Golden Age of Video for some time - it's a fabulous mash up of movies, TV and great lines that makes something greater than its parts.

Neatorama reminded me of it by posting the lyrics and a link to David Glover, who names all the almost 50 different references. If you've somehow missed it in your web travels, it's worth a watch.

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The Lolfather

I can has offer you can't refuse? From designer jimiyo at TeeFury.

I know I've been posting a lot of tees recently, but they seem to be at the forefront of the kind of pop culture jokes I love. Sadly TeeFury only sells shirts for a 24-hour period, for some reason and I have no idea of they do reprints.

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Space Invaders Are Real!

...and they are spectacular! Ok, that might be overstating it a bit, but I can't say the first part without the follow through. Damn you, Seinfeld! They're Real, from Jean Salamin at Threadless.

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Pop Culture Character Alignment

Rorschach is Chaotic Good? I guess so, but it's so hard to assign to assign goodness to his actions though I suppose he did think what he was doing was for a greater good.

Not sure who pulled together this character alignment chart, though I found it at Agent M Loves Tacos by way of @ToplessRobot.
I blame my Uncle Jeff for the fact that I understood it.

Top row: John Locke [Lost], Dwight [Sin City], Rorschach [Watchment]
Middle row: Indiana Jones, Niko Bellic [GTA4], Tyler Durden [Fight Club]
Bottom row: Darth Vader, Anton Chigurh [No Country for Old Men], Joker

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I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts

It's not surprising, really, that Pac-Man would eventually tire of the cat and mouse game with Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde and call for some professional help.

Get these tees at Glennz Tees, which is having a sale this week.

If there's something weird and it don't look good. Who ya gonna call? Ghost Dustbusters!

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Princess Robot Bubblegum!

Princess Robot Bubblegum

It's a world where robots reign supreme and radiactive, nymphomaniac plants sleep with scarily mature women dressed as school girls... Only a hyper-sexualized nerd's fantasy can save humanity by sleeping with it.

Topless Robot says it is a parody of anime, but I dunno, seems pretty dead on to me. Not sure what the fine folks at Sociological Images would think of this one.

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The Life Of A Disney Princess

Disney Princesses, Deconstructed: From Snow White to Belle, if you're hot a man will save you. I feel for all the parents who shepherded little princesses around last night. I just trailed around a pirate. Not a Somali pirate, but still.

From Sociological Issues, who took a nice bit of satire and killed it with treatises on patriarchy, monarchy and Disney as a "force of evil in the world."

Anyone seen the original of this? I looked, but everyone is just referencing the last site they saw it on. Ah well, I tried.

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