Matthew, Mark, Luke and Optimus Prime

Killer robots and grim-faced heros? This is not your King James Bible. Forget Mr. T in anime, how about the figures of the Old and New Testament in manga form?

Boing Boing featured two versions of Manga bible tracts over the past few days and it reminded me of the illustrated version I had as a kid — which never looked this interesting.

The Manga Bible, described as "the most Extreme version of the Bible yet!" is a full version of the scripture while Mecha-Manga Bible Heroes features Old Testament tales, but in "a futuristic world of robots, aliens and advanced technology!"

Anything to get those crazy kids to learn about the word, right? Reminds me of Ned Flander's religious trading cards:

Bart: Oh boy! Free trading cards!
Milhouse: Wow! Joseph of Arimathea! Twenty six conversions in A.D. 46.
Nelson: Whoa, a Methuselah rookie card!
Flanders: Heh heh, well boys, who'd have thought learning about religion could be fun?
Bart: Religion?
Milhouse: Learning?
Nelson: Let's get out of here!


  1. A student in my myth class last term did a manga version of Thetis trying to prevent Achilles' joining the Trojan War.

  2. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen anything like this before. Interesting.

  3. Greek myths are just ripe for reinterpretation - look at the success of 300. Classic tales will always be retold.

  4. What Would Speed Racer Do?

  5. Speed Race built my hotrod...

    So there was only one thing that I could do
    Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long