I Pity The Fool

The '80s revival continues unabated (did it ever stop?) with the Transformers up for three Oscars, a new Rambo flick in theatres and a reunion of Morris Day and The Time at the Grammys. Even the upcoming Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is part of the trend. (And yet I still can't go and pick up a pair of desert boots. I've switched to the equally winter inappropriate Bludstones, but it's just not the same.) I hate my generation — our obsession with the touchstones of our youth is matched only by the boomers.

So of course it came as no surprise to see 80's icon Mr. T joining the fray in one of the few media forms he hasn't tried — the graphic novel. I suppose this differs from his 1993 and 2005 comic books, how I can't say, which both had quite short print runs. Will this venture be any different?

He's been in movies, TV shows both live and reality based, wrestling and put out an album. So why not conquer the world of 2D? If you want to see it for yourself, the whole first chapter is a free download. How about another tease, in the form of Mr. T in his Jesus Christ pose...


  1. I pity the fools who got sucked into the 80's revival/disaster Knight Rider TV movie last night, myself included. Drifting through the channels, I was intrigued by the sight of a new 'Ford Mustang' KITT. The unusual part of Knight Rider 2008? It's WORSE than the horrible 80's Hasselhoff series it's based upon! I've NEVER seen a TV show 100% owned by a sponsor before this - Ford, you should be ashamed of yourself. NBC? BOOOOOOOO!

  2. You know, ten years ago if someone told me there would be a Mr. T graphic novel, I wouldn't have believed them. Sadly, now I am hardly surprised....

  3. Steve: Oh, I completely forgot about the new Knight Rider. Sure I loved KITT and the A-Team as a kid but I don't need to see them rehashed - and that goes for all you '80s icons waiting in the wings. Stay in your own decade.

    Mercurie: Maybe he'll do an anime feature next, or perhaps a podcast. There doesn't seem to be a media vehicle he isn't willing to ride.