Video Made the Internet Star

A few favourites I've found while surfing about — share and enjoy!

Richard Scarry mixed with the Beastie Boys. So clever and fun that I keep watching it over and over again. Originally stumbled upon over at Layercake, a source of much goodness.

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Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit, set to incredibly appropriate scenes from the original Star Trek. This makes me happier than it should. I first ran across it over at Boing Boing.

The Passion of the Christ with Benny Hill Yakety Sax chase music. It's sacrilicious. Thanks to Fandumb, via Culture Kills.


  1. The Beastie Boys/Richard Scarry combo is brilliant.

    Admittedly I am often partly in admiration and partly perplexed by folks who have the time to do this sort of thing. When it is done well though it is playful and subversive, and I do love the whole genre of kids programs with adult content voiced over - one of my favourites is the Joe Pesci Care Bear.

  2. I think I like the White Rabbit/Star Trek mashup the best. But then I always thought there was something a bit surreal about the original Trek anyway....

  3. I think many of these must be done by people who work with editing tools on a regular basis and they build these for practice/fun/experience. Just glad they do.

    I haven't seen the Joe Pesci Care Bear, put I have seen him as Grover in a Sesame Street/Mean Streets parody. The juxtaposition is jarringly amusing.

    And I haven't been able to get White Rabbit out of my head since Atom Egoyan's Where The Truth Lies. It's quite the scene.

  4. I'm sure the actors in #3 would crack up if they saw this video- hysterical.

  5. It's amazing how closely the action matches the words.