FanExpo 2010: Cosplay Like You Mean It

I am in awe of the effort put in by cosplayers — they put Halloween to shame. And my greatest thrill during an afternoon at FanExpo Canada, was meeting Zaphod Beeblebrox, the president of the galaxy! The fact that he is blurry has less to do with me drinking Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters with him than my lousy photography skills coupled with an iPhone. Apologies for the rest.

Meet the Invisible Woman, who was more visible than I expected.

Ned and Chuck from Pushing Daises! Of course it just made me miss the show all over again.

The Punisher.

She-Hulk and, I dunno. Anyone? Guesses and suggestions welcome in the comments.

Little Sister from Bioshock? That's my guess.

The (or An) Original Batmobile. Not sure why there was a girl sitting on top of it or why, now that I have looked closer, she appears to have no legs below the knee.

Geek 'em up early — Little Wonder Woman and Little Night Owl? Probably not, but it amused me to think so.

Proton pack — don't go Ghostbusting without it.

I don't know. Anyone?

I should know, but I don't.

Dr. Henry Jones Sr.

Domo was the first guy (mascot?) I saw when I walked in.

Halo's Master Chief, about to kill a anime conventioneer.

Another blank for me.

Bombalurina from Cats?

The Waldos. They weren't all that hard to find.

A pantheon of Disney characters.

Flaunt it.

Plastic Man stretched everything...

Guesses? I'm sure it's obvious.

I think she said yes.

Harvey Two Face and a Batman made from Duct Tape.

Cobra Commander seemed annoyed I was interrupting his shopping.

Anime? But of what I have no idea.


Wonder Woman, Flash and the Silver Surfer were so fast I was unable to get a picture of them fast enough. Or maybe it was Flash's fault - he doesn't work well with the iPhone.

Rings a bell but I'm drawing another blank.

Boy Wonder has grown up a touch.

Batman and his Batcamera.

Someone I recognize battling a Sleestak.

Some sort of military cat. Impressive in any case.

Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Mad Hatter.

French revolutionaries? I'm sure I'm missing something.

No idea, not even a clue.

Darth Vader and pal, moving at the speed of blur.

Just a typical line at FanExpo.

I love that even the interviewer is in character.

Even Iron Man needs to make a buck.

This guy isn't dressed up, he just felt this way after all day at FanExpo.

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The Muppets Name Etymology

I never realized that The Muppets were so well categorized as demonstrated by Jeff Rubin and Caldwell Tanner's venn diagram on College Humor. Though I can't believe any human is called Elmo.  (Link via The Daily What, by way of John Farrier.)

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Joker And Lex Luthor Vs. Calvin And Hobbes

A homage to Bill Waterson's Calvin and Hobbes from comic artists Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo in Superman/Batman #75. Much like Calvin doesn't see the brilliance of Hobbes' suggestions, Luthor just doesn't get the Joker. Heaven help us if either of them got ahold of a Transmogrifier. (Link via The High Definite, with thanks to @buggerallthis for the tip)

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Odysseus And The Facebook Peril

Once in a while I like to pretend that I got some grand use for me having a classical studies degree, but mostly it's used to find mythology comics amusing. I wonder why I never get invited back to speak to my alma mater...

Above, two selections from Kate Beaton's disturbingly literate Hark, a vagrant. Below is Zach Weiner's Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

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The Nasty, Brutish And Short Life Of Mario

I love the idea that there are consequences to the actions in Super Mario Bros. that take place off screen. Poor Mario, just can't live with the guilt. From the webcomic Maneggs, via John Farrier of the now defunct Neatogeek who will continue finding gems like these over at Neatorama.

And from a simpler time, Victorian Mario Bros. on the Nintendo Entertainment Stereoscopic. By das chupa of Zero Lives.

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