Viddy Well, Little Sister, Viddy Well

I'm not a babes blog but when I saw this photo of former America’s Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry dressed as a droog from Clockwork Orange I had to post it and make plans to head to the Korova Milkbar.

"Adrianne Curry is caught in a limbo between “hot girl trying to be geeky” and “hot girl that is actually geeky,” but her devotion is such, that I might actually buy she’s for real." (Link via Unreality's Gallery of Adrianne Curry Playing Sci-Fi Dress Up)

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  1. I hope that that's all padding under there.

  2. I think she crossed the "actually geeky" line a long time ago.

  3. I have seen a few other photos online and am sure the lower parts are padded. And the rest of that gallery says geeky.

  4. The World of Warcraft thing + the gallery says geeky. She has a level 80 character... she has played that game a lot... and she talks about it a lot in her Twitter stream.

    So yeah... full on geek.