Loved And Lost

Illustrator extraordinaire Steve Murray (aka Chip Zdarsky) drew this massive cast photo of Lost for the series finale. Click through for the flash version to see which season each character was introduced and how they died. For those interested in a full-size version, it is the cover of the arts section of Saturday's National Post, available at finer Canadian newsstands near you.

As for me, I'm going to miss the finale as it is inconveniently scheduled in the middle of a long weekend that is ostensibly in honour of Queen Victoria, but is mostly about going to cottages and drinking beer, which is what I'll be doing.  But for all your Lost needs, head directly to Nik at Nite where Nikki Stafford will take excellent care of you.

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  1. My new theory is that the Locke Ness Monster and Jacob are actually controlled by Vincent the dog, who brought everyone to the island for some nefarious purpose.

  2. That seems perfectly acceptable - Vincent is one of the few original Losties still alive on the island.

  3. No wonder I stopped watching that series! It just got way too complex and convoluted.