That 90's Show

Pop artist Glen Brogan's piece, As Days Go By, for a 90s themed art show for the Autumn Society. Wow, what a strange mix of pop culture: Jessica Rabbit, Earl from Dinosaurs, Space Ghost, Egon from Ghostbusters, Kermit from Muppet Babies, Hulk Hogan, Carl Winslow from Family Matters wearing Darkwing Duck PJs. No idea what is sitting on his butt or the TV, though I'm sure its obvious to others.

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  1. The thing on his butt is the Command centre for the bad guy from the TMNT cartoon. The doll on top of the television set is that robot that used to carry the brain villain around on the show.

  2. And sitting next to the robot for Krang, on the TV, is a Sega Genesis.

  3. Don't forget the box of the Swedish Chef's breakfast cereal, "Croonchy Stars."