Unanswered Lost Questions

"A quick retrospective on some of the teeny-tiny loose ends yet to be tied up or, if you didn't watch the show, the rantings of a lunatic."

I had told myself that Lost had only left a few big questions unanswered in the finale and that it was necessary to complete the story. Watching this shows the entire show is built on unanswered questions. Still, I don't care. It's funny too. (College Humor via Nik at Nite.)

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  1. I had so many questions by the end of the second season that my head was about to explode so I quit watching it! www.satisfiedsole.com

  2. Why are those questions unanswered? Because they were making it up as they went along.

  3. I don't think so entirely. The connections made in the last season to the first season shows there was an overall story arch. But a lot of the stuff that happened in the middle? Yeah, they were making that up as they went along.

  4. As a fan of Alias, I was just extrapolating from how that series went down the rabbit hole.