Lost's Last Supper

Finally! I can't believe it has taken soooo long for someone to put the cast of Lost into a Last Supper homage. Perhaps they were just waiting for the last season. The scan is a promo pic for Season 6, from the current issue of US Weekly (via ohnotheydidn't).

In this iteration of the Última Cena, Locke takes the place of Jesus, placing him at the centre of the show as I had always suspected. The placement of the other characters is a little odd, but it would appear that Sayid is being shown as his Judas, with Kate as Mary Magdelene/the apostle John. But the way Kate is sitting, with her arm on the table and in the second position she is also in the traditional spot of Judas. I'm starting to lean more towards that interpretation.

Putting Jack to Locke's left would make him the apostle Thomas, often know as Doubting Thomas for disbelieving Jesus' resurrection when first told of it. How appropriate.

Are there other hints or spoilers in the image? I await analysis from those more steeped in the lore of Lost. Maybe someone can explain how this Last Supper has 13 apostles.

Update: Lost expert Nik at Nite has weighed in with more in-depth thought on the placement of the cast and their surrounding environment. I expect a lengthy discussion in her comments section.

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  1. Smurfs' Last Supper:


  2. St. Matthias was the 13th apostle - chosen after Jesus ascended into heaven.