The Virgin Princess Peach

Our Mother of Video Games. She's a perfect fit for all the Last Supper parodies that keep showing up around here. Of course in those she is often sitting in the place of the Apostle John (or Mary Magdelene if you believe Dan Brown.) Still, she could still be Jesus Mario's mom - it would explain why he's so desperate to rescue her. (From Kotaku, via Geekologie)

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  1. Specifically, it's the Virgin of Guadalupe.

  2. Thanks - I bow to your more extensive knowledge and remain fascinated at how much religious iconography makes its way into pop culture.

  3. Thanks, but it's only because I live in Texas. The Virgin of Guadalupe is a revered religious and nationalist figure among Mexicans. Even the most savage of gangbangers will display her image on the back of their cars.