The Living Dead Strike Back

To commemorate the release of a Star Wars horror novel, artist Matt Busch has recreated all the Star Wars movie posters as zombie films. The originals appear to have vanished from but coreplanets saved the lot. The Living Dead Strike Back is my fave. Love the guts hanging out of the tauntaun, though I can't figure out why Han would have had to cut it open in the first place, other than maybe he just wanted to. (Link via @thinkgeek)

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  1. Actually Matt Busch was only one of MANY Star Wars artists which included Katie Cook, Cat Staggs, Jamie Snell, Grant Gould, Jessica Hickman, JAKe, Nicole Falk, Paul Michael Kane, Spencer Brinkerhoff III, Tom Hodges, and Jeff Carlisle who made fake Star Wars Movie Posters for

    You can see the entire set here:

  2. Thanks for the link, Bonnie. I searched around but couldn't find them. Much appreciated.