Celebrities Of The Living Dead

Swiss graphic novelist Frédérik Peeters has illustrated over 100 famous zombies, from celebrities to politician and authors at portraitsaslivingdeads. These are my 10 favourite Hollywood zombies: (Link via JazJaz)
Zombie Paris Hilton
I love that Tinkerbell is having a good chew. She's probably waited years for that.

Zombie Britney Spears
Looks like the zombie Spears really likes the brains. Lots and lots of brains.

Zombie Angelina Jolie
Actually, zombie Jolie doesn't look that much different
than her magazine covers a couple of years ago.

Zombie Michael Jackson
Jacko looked much better as a zombie in the Thriller video.
This just looks like a typical day in court.

Zombie Tom Cruise
Some would speculate that the Cruise has been a zombie for years.

Zombie Chris Brown
Is this a zombie version of Chris Brown, or just what he looks
like after a night out with Rihanna? What, too soon?

Zombie Aaliyah
Nothing snarky here, just a creepy, creepy drawing.

Zombie Roger Moore
Having seen some recent photos of the former James Bond, he's got
about .007 seconds left in the sun before he actually looks like this.
Zombie Jayne Mansfield
"I feel like Miss Jayne Mansfield in this car!"

Zombie Buddy Holly
The day the music crawled out of the grave looking for you.

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