Through The Remixed Looking Glass

Pogo, of remixed the music and images from Disney's 1951 film Alice In Wonderland to create a piece of electronic music that takes 90% of its sound from the film and yet creates something altogether unique.

It gorgeous and I can imagine Feist singing it as an electronic version of skat. I'm not doing it justice — just watch and see. It also tells me that the Disney animators were very edgy for the '50s.

(Link via Unreality's Eight Disney Remixes To Blow Your Mind)

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  1. As a child of the eighties, I heard Kate Bush in that.

  2. I too was an '80s teen, but my Kate Bush exposure is limited to Running Up That Hill. Still, those are two fine voices to come up with out of an audio clip.

  3. been poaching?

  4. lol - my bad, must have missed that week. I thought you had no love for the mashup?