Ghostbusters Catch Gozer... Um, Jesus

Winston Zeddemore: Hey Ray. Do you believe in God?
Dr. Ray Stantz: Never met him.
Winston: Yeah, well, I do. And I love Jesus's style, you know.
Winston: Hey Ray. Do you remember something in the bible about the last days when the dead would rise from the grave?
Ray: I remember Revelations 7:12...?And I looked, and he opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake. And the sun became as black as sack cloth, and the moon became as blood."
Winston: "And the seas boiled and the skies fell."
Ray: Judgement day.
Winston: Judgement day.
Ray: Every ancient religion has its own myth about the end of the world.
Winston: Myth? Ray, has it ever occurred to you that maybe the reason we've been so busy lately is 'cause the dead HAVE been rising from the grave?

Oh, you just know this is going to be trouble. Jesus Vs. Ghostbusters, from Jon Andrew Davis, who still has some t-shirts available.

(Link via Heavy Critters)


  1. I realise that there will be people who are offended, but I can't help but find it very funny myself!

  2. I, Jesus, the scourge of Carpathia, the sorrow of Moldavia, command you!

  3. I've already had Gary Busey say I was going to burn in hell for blasphemy (, so I figured why not go for it?

  4. Ah... Jesus and Ghostbusters. It's like trying to pit which one is my favorite Son. It just doesn't seem right to want to pit them against one other. Now, Ghostbusters vs. Satan? Hey, there's a battle! Proton streams and brimstone flying across the dimensional planes! Hmm... maybe the guys and Jesus could do a little tag-team?