South Park Last Supper... You Bastards!

The only surprising thing about a South Park Last Supper parody is that it has taken them so long to do one. This scene is from Margaritaville, which as of this writing, has yet to air here in Canada, but played in the U.S. earlier this week. Kyle, the Jew, as Jesus with Cartman as his Judas? It's a perfect match, and trust me, I've seen a whole lot of versions of the Last Supper - here are 50 of them.

From Wikipedia: Kyle and his friends go out for pizza at Whistlin’ Willy’s and laments that he feels they won't be able to get together like this anymore because he thinks he is going to be killed. He says he worries that one of his friends will betray him. All of them act shocked while Cartman stands up and says that whoever betrays Kyle "is a dick" and "it's not cool!" Kyle admits to his friends while glaring accusingly at Cartman that he knows what he has to do to save everyone.

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  1. I wish they had brought in some of the Davince code. Oh well, whole season of south park to look forward to.