Mornin' Sam, Mornin' Ralph

Like Ralph the Wolf and Sam Sheepdog, even Godzilla and Ultraman need to take a break from decimating Tokyo. From Evan Ferstenfeld and Jordan Marzuki at Made With Awesome.

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  1. The site re-design is very nice.

  2. Thanks! Been working with a friend on the design for awhile and just doing some fine tuning, but I'm very happy with how it has turned out. I've wanted to do a refresh for some time now.

  3. Ultraman would never sit there chillin' with a monster mid-rampage!

    But maybe this is good Godzilla, and they both just finished taking out some tag-team three way of apocalyptic beasties. In which case, a well-deserved and idyllic break! And good on U-Man, collabing with a monster for once. I sometimes used to get the idea he was some kind of daikaiju racist.

    It's not their job to put the damn fires out. That's what the Tokyo Defense and Beautification Force is for.

    Agreed on the redesign. Classy, homey, makes you want to sit back and sip a classic cocktail while you review the appetizer menu thoughtfully. I'd eat here.

  4. You can only battle so many monsters before you realize its just a job - and everyone needs a break now and then.

    Thanks for the stellar review - you can eat here anytime.