Furry Happy Monsters

Sesame Street has always been able to attract some great singers to their neighbourhood — it's a recognition that kids like good music and their parents are likely watching with them.

Tristan isn't ready for this stuff yet, but I'm happy to hear that Feist will be reworking 1234 into 1234 Monsters Crawling ‘Cross the Floor as a duet with the Elmo in a future episode. Reminds me of Rebel L, Sesame Street's take on Billy Idol.

Speaking of R.E.M., their rework of Shiny Happy People into Furry Happy Monsters was from the show’s 30th season and the role of Kate Pierson of the B52s was played by Stephanie D'Abruzzo of Avenue Q, which makes that much better.

"Come on monsters, you don't have to cry... we can be happy!"


  1. That was great. I think Sesame Street has lasted 40 years precisely because of stuff like that!

  2. They have found the magic formula of making kids TV that is watchable by adults but is still clearly meant for kids.