Little Boxes

And none of them look the same. I've been slumming around the house sick for the past three days and took it upon myself to get craft, but in a pop culture way of course.

Cubeecraft has a fabulous collection of cutouts of animation and video game characters that you can print out at home and stick together with tabs (no glue or anything). I'm working on the Dr. Zoidberg but have realized I need to print it on thicker paper stock. I'll post a pic if I ever complete it.

So bookmark Cubeecraft, there's a new character every week.


  1. That's so cool!

    I may have to try and make one of these with my 5 year old niece...

  2. Yum, pop culture foldy goodness!

  3. Cool! If you want them to "keep," you might try spraying them with clear acrylic. They should sell it at

  4. Cool!
    Thanx for sharing!