If Cartoons Were Real

Seeing cartoons characters as they would like in real life is, well, disturbing. This photo-realistic Homer Simpson is from jaxpixeloo, and I would run in terror from him if I were to see him on the street.

Good news, everybody! A realistic version of a few of the Futurama cast, from Dylan Marvin. I think the year 3000 would be... all glory to the Hypnotoad.

A realistic Wile E. Coyote (Road-Runnerus Digestus) and Roadrunner (Accelleratti Incredibusc) wouldn't be so bad, but the Acme products would be devastating. From an old Fark contest, where there are many other examples.

Michael Paulus also takes the concept of real cartoons but approaches it from a whole other angle and showing the skeletal system of 22 different characters. Wonderfully odd.

(I'm actually on vacation right now. This post brought to you by the miracle of Blogger in Draft's Scheduled Post Publishing.)


  1. I have to agree, Homer would look pretty scary in real life....

  2. ^ That must be what comes of working in a nuclear power plant.