Twelve Days of Simpsons

 Twelve Grandpa’s Grumbling

Eleven Barney’s Belching

 Ten Lenny’s Leaping

 Nine Carl’s Dancing

 Eight Moe’s a-Milking

 Seven Selma’s Smoking

 Six Flanders’ Praying

 Five Golden Frinks

 Four Crawling Nerds

Three-Eyed Fish

 Two Special Ralph’s

And a Maggie in a Snugli

The tenth day of the 12 Days of Popped Culture Christmas has been brought to you by the last 20 years of my life, and the intro to the Simpsons episode Pranks and Greens.

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  1. I enjoyed the 12 days of Simpsons! Merry Christmas to the Simpsons and to you too!
    hope chest