The Excavation Of Mushroom Island

"What if there was physical proof that the Super Mario Bros mythology existed a long time ago on a lost chain of islands in the Pacific Ocean?" Quite honestly, that would be a terrifying find. Just look at that Goomba skeleton below! (Logan Zawacki - there are more - via Hey Oscar Wilde)

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Successful Celebrity Speed Dating

What luck that they were all in that same session! And while I think they all found the right partners, I am curious about what would have come of a partnership between Ernie and Sid Vicious. (Nathan Stapley)

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Mother Of Disney Dragons

Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen Disney-style with dragons Maleficent, Figment, and Elliott. Yes, more Game of Thrones. I'm a little hooked. (Mona Collentine via Badass Digest)

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These Are The Droids You're Looking For

"Ok we all know what happened here, Stolen Death Star plans handed back and reward taken..." Bender's got to look out for Bender, baby. (Chris Thornley for Art V Cancer)

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One Shell, Two Shell, Red Shell, Blue Shell

Only an hour and a half to pick up Ian Leino's latest shirt at TeeFury. Would have alerted earlier, but I was off the grid (mostly).

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Son of Alien

"So I was looking at René Magritte's famous "The Son of Man" and I thought.... needs more Giger." (Rabittooth via Shopped Sci Fi)

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The Creation of a New Hope

Obi-Wan is God? I suppose he really did breath Jedi life into Luke. By Timothy Lim, aka Ninjaink, who would apparently like you to like him on Facebook. Seems reasonable.

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Goldilocks And The Three Bearsheviks

This revolution is just right! Ian Leino's latest design hits me right in the sweet spot — a fairy tales and propaganda. I hope this one gets printed.

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SpongeBob Avengers Assemble

There has been a ton of art generated with the release of The Avengers, but Alex Ryan's Planki’s Army grabbed my attention, probably because my eldest son is really getting into superheroes and SpongeBob SquarePants. Also, I love SpongeBob as Thor and Patrick as the Hulk. (Alex Ryan for draw2d2)

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The Beastie World of Richard Scarry

Been listening to the Beastie Boys all evening. This is one of my favourite mashups and Popped Culture's tribute to Adam Yauch.