The Long And Winding Moria Road

John Lennon as Gandalf? For sure - The Beatles are bigger than Sauron, don't you know? (Moria Road by zero-lives)

Update: Just realized this was an entry for a cool Super Punch art contest. That will learn me to only look at your Flickr site. And update via iPad.

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What Santa Really Does While You're Asleep

Santa is kind of a jerk. See more of what he does to you, wether you're bad or good, at The Oatmeal.

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David Hasselhoff Is Hoff The Hook

I'd try and explain this photo by noting that David Hasselhoff is appearing in a production of Peter Pan in London, but really, there is no explaining this. (Link via The Superficial)

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Vitruvian Robot

This is what it would look like if the Borg only assimilated robots. The Vitruvian Machine by Captain RibMan shows 40+ robots, cyborgs & machines from pop culture. Plus it says Deckard was a replicant. Had that been decided? Huh. Anyway, here's an index:

_1. BATTLE DROID _10. BENDER _11. BRAINIAC _100. BUBO _101. C-3PO _110. CYBERMAN _111. CYLON _1000. DALEK _1001. DATA _1010. D.A.R.Y.L. _1011. ED-209 _1100. FEMBOT _1101. GERTY _1110. GIANT ROBOT _1111. GORT _10000. GUNSLINGER _10001. HAL 9000 _10010. H.E.L.P.ER _10011. HUEY _10100. IRON GIANT, THE _10101. LOCUTUS _10110. MARIA _10111. MARVIN _11000. MAXIMILIAN _11001. MECHAGODZILLA _11010. MECHANICAL MONSTER _11011. OPTIMUS PRIME _11100. R2-D2 _11101. RICK DECKARD _11110. ROBBIE THE ROBOT _11111. ROBOT, THE _100000. ROOMBA _100001. RX-78 GUNDAM _100010. SENTINEL _100011. T-101 _100100. TOM SERVO _100101. TWIKI _100110. V.I.N.CENT _100111. VOLTRON _101000. WALL-E _101001. WRONG TROUSERS, THE

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Nerdelicious: Ten Geeky Gingerbread Creations

'Tis the season to break out your inner craft geek. Here a few seasonal concoctions to inspire your own creations. Me, I just eat Turtles. Above, Zero Lives blogger Das Chupa brings us an Angry Birds themed Gingerbread house. I would play that.

A Gingerbread AT-AT. As the card says, that's awesome. As far as I can tell it was made by (or at least photographed by) Chez 282. I first saw it on pacalin's site.

A Gingerbreadhenge, for all you pagans out there, by The Dude (no, not that one.) Found on Clonehenge, which has "the most complete list of Stonehenge replicas on the internet, nay, marry, in the wide world!" I love the internet.

A gingerbread collection on Popped Culture wouldn't be complete without some sort of Super Mario reference. (Super Mario Gingerbread by Mike Bade, via Nerd Bastards)

The Star Trek GingerBorg Enterprise is a gingerbread replica of the Enterprise D. Green splotches indicate that Borgs have taken over and are destroying things with lasers. (By audreyh4 at instructables)

Das Chupa (see Angry Birds above) started his creations with a gingerbread Pac-Man arcade game.

Anna-Maria Oléhn's TARDIS gingerbread house can fit a surprising amount of Christmas treats inside.

And what's a Dr. Who TARDIS without Daleks? They are vegan too, so you know they're truly evil. By Johnson Cameraface.

The gingerboard (gingerbread motherboard) was created in Sweden by Benny, Monica, Anna-Maria and Erik. (Via mediatinker and You Bent My Wookie, who has a great gallery of gingerbread creations)

“I ate his body with some jelly beans and a nice glass of milk thtthththththththth”. I know this gingerbread Hannibal Lecter is only a t-shirt, but somebody ought to make it. (Cannibal by Glennz, via Shirtoid)

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How the Hulk Stole Christmas

In Whoville they say that the Grinch's small biceps grew three sizes that day. (How the Hulk Stole Christmas by Michael DelMundo. Link via Herochan)

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Star Wars Snowflakes

For all your geek Christmas needs, Star Wars snowflakes! Above an R2-D2 and C-3PO paper snowflake from the fine folks at The Nerdery. No instructions on making one though, so you're on your own. The two below both have instructions, but are still well beyond my rudimentary scissor skills. Enjoy.

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Werner Herzog Reads 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

There he is, our first vision of the famous spirit of Christmas, who judges, God-like, from afar all-year long and arrives on this night only to mete out reward and punishment.

Ryan Iverson strikes again with his interpretation of German director Werner Herzog interpreting children's classics. And my weekend is made! (Link via Nag on the Lake)

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The Ultimate Video Game Party

This reminds so much of my gaming days. No, not all the characters, but sitting and watching other people play. From Rachel Morris' cool series of video game posters for The NYU Game Center. (Link via Rampaged Reality)

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Jeff Goldblum Is Metalhawk

It's amazing, this is exactly how I picture Jeff Goldblum when I close my eyes. Don't you? (Metalhawk by Brandon Bird)

Alec Baldwin Is A Really Useful Engine

Outside of this blog, this is a remarkable representation of my pop culture life. And Alec Baldwin was the best Thomas the Tank Engine narrator. (Fisher by Philip Street, a strip that runs in the Globe and Mail and should really be picked up by a syndicator.)

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The ABC’s Of Heavy Metal

Teach your little headbangers to rock and roll all night and spell every day. (By Aye Jay for Nakatomi Stuff)

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SpongeBob's Got Big Balls
Wanted, Dead Or Alive
Z Is For Zissou: A Pop Culture Alphabet

The Avengersaurs: Dinosaurs Meet Marvel

Is there a way to make dinosaurs even more awesome? There is if you make them as Marvel Avengers! Meet Iron Brontosaurus, Captain Ameritops, Hulkasaurus Rex and AnkyloTHORus by d.r3sto who can also be found at Legitimus Maximus. (Link via Herochan)

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My Little Apocalypse Ponies

Pestilence Pony

War Pony

Famine Pony

Death Pony

Seth Green is encouraging people to sign a petition to get the Robot Chicken Apocalypse Ponies made by Hasbro. There doesn't seem to be such a petition, but no matter. These should be made.

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Serenity Sake

"Clothes looking a mite tired after too many hours in the saddle? Shirts showing a bit of age - not to mention blood, sweat and engine grease?

You'll look all kinds of silly stomping into a fancy soiree wearing clothes that a Reaver chewed on, so you may want to consider spiffing things up a bit with Ian Leino's newest design: Serenity Sake."

Or perhaps someone will make this sake to help all the Browncoats drown their constant sorrow over the cancellation of Firefly. Get it today at TeeFury for cheap or at Ian's store after that. Use the coupon code THISLAND for 15% off.

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The Battlestar Bears Learn About Cylons

Finally Brother Bear and Sister Bear are doing something worthwhile. And Edward James Olmos' Admiral Adama makes one hell of bear.

Caldwell Tanner teases me with entertaining bedtime reading for my kids and then snatches it all alway with his Five Sci-Fi Children's Books parodies at College Humor. Someone please write these.

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It's A Trap!

Who ya gonna call? Admiral Ghostbuster! You know, he says that so often it kind of loses all meaning — but not this time as this is awesome! (It's a Trap by Jerry Bennett, via pacalin)

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Susan Boyle Vs. Paddington Bears

Never take a bear's suitcase... Boyle has taken out a shocking number of Paddingtons, but I'm not going to lie, I hope they overwhelm her. (S. Boyle vs. Paddington Bears by Olli Hihnala. Link via Pfangirl)

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These Are Exactly The Droids You Are Looking For

It's what all the fashion model geeks are wearing to the beach this year. This would have caused me some serious confusion as a teenager. (Artoo Loves Threepio via Fashionably Geek)

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Rudolph, You Don't Have To Put On the Red Light

This is the best mashup of the season, hands down!The Police's Roxanne meets Rudolph, the Red-nose Reindeer in this Yuletide derangement by mojochronic. (Link via Neatorama)

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Rudolph The Red-Nosed AT-AT
Rudolph The Stuffed-Head Reindeer
Full Metal Rudolph, The Reinfather & A Pack of Gifts Now

Holy Check Ins, Batman!

I have no doubt this is an actual problem. Now I'm off to check in at the Fortress of Solitude. (To the Batcave by Agent-X Comics via Nologinformynic)

Pezidents Of The United States

These Pez dispensers are clearly not child friendly, especially the JFK dispenser. I love the George H. Bush dispenser though I'm sure the Japanese Prime Minister didn't find it as cute. (Pezidents Of The United States by Hillary White at Threadless)

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This Is Not the Eye Chart You're Looking For

Of course this chart would be very difficult to read, what with it fading off to the to the horizon all the time. (This Is Not the Eye Chart You're Looking For by David Schwen)

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Pillsbury Doughboy Anatomy

Poppin' Fresh and crunchy inside too! Those thousands of pokes to the belly must have been incredibly painful. (Poppin' Fresh Anatomical Sculpt by Jason Freeny)

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WikiLeaks Outs The Dark Knight

Not Batman! Are there no sacred cows that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange won't destroy? You bastard! (WikiLeaks Strikes Again by Pittsburgh Tribune-Review editorial cartoonist Randy Bish)

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