Wil Wheaton And The Unicorn Kitteh Of Death!

Sometimes interweb culture gets so convoluted that it takes a serious amount of searching just to understand what is in a picture, let alone trying to explain why. Take, as a random example, above picture of Wil Wheaton riding a winged, unicorn kitten, wearing a clown shirt while fighting author John Scalzi as an orc, by artist Jeff Zugale.

Luckily the why is up to you: "So, here’s the plan: You write a 400 to 2,000 word fanfic about the picture above. Come at it from any angle you like to explain, illuminate or otherwise bring to life what’s going on in the picture above. Our only request is NO slash fanfic (please). But other than that, knock yourself out." (Link via Neatogeek)

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  1. Someone should start a rogue contest that requires slash fic.