No Goooooooals!

I've been a little preoccupied with a new arrival over the past few days, but it seems there is some sort of a sporting event going on where each team tries to get the fewest points possible. I don't get it. (izit via The Daily What)

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  1. "soccer" lol
    funny image, but´s Football, and thank god the US team is as mediocre as your culture! The whole world is watching it, so u dont need to get bored trying to understand it haha

    Keep watching "american football" and ur faggot&pussy "big guys", full of equipments who are not men enough to play rugby!
    cheers boss

  2. Now, now Renato - I seem to have touched a nerve. Why so defensive? And let me correct you about a few things:
    1. I'm Canadian, not American
    2. Just because I don't like it doesn't mean I don't understand it. (I was just joking when I said " I don't get it."
    3. I don't like ANY sports, not "football" in particular, so, you know, no offense.

  3. I'm from Malta, where 99% of the population goes crazy over this sport. But I feel the same way - it's boring and pointless. But that's just me. Yet people like Renato attack me all the time. Even now, I've just shared this page on my Facebook profile as it describes my feelings and people are already acting like I insulted their mothers . sheesh get a life, some people have other hobbies

  4. People take things way too seriously. That's what hockey is like around here.

  5. SORRY for that.. Im a stupid football fan and I work with some American dudes, that are always saying that "soccer is crap".. I was in a bad day haha but it was actually a good joke.. as I said and seriously, I was just pissed off, trying to watch a game here and a bunch of guys telling me that American football is the best game..
    my bad boss..

  6. Ha, no problem! And in your defence, American football is extremely dull - and I take my son to soccer lessons every week.