David Lynch's Super Bowl Head

The Super Bowl is today, or so I am told. I'm no football fan but I could be convinced if major filmmakers were allowed to direct the telecast, as Slate V imagines. (Link via FilmDrunk)

Quentin Tarantino — I expected more blood and less football. The animation was good though.
David Lynch — I would so watch that broadcast. People would be soooo angry!
Wes Anderson — I'm surprised they don't hire him. It looks like Olympic profile coverage.
Jean-Luc Godard — Isn't this how they show it in France?
Werner Herzog — Also, surprisingly watchable

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  1. That was awesome.

    I want to see a Tarantino Superbowl. That would be a football game worth watching.

  2. I could see Tarantino directing a sports film. He is working his way through all the genres.