Animation Domination

Simpsons vs Family Guy, it's a tough call. Not as shows, of course. That goes to The Simpsons, hands down, but in a fight? (Photo via Mr. Smith Goes to Tumblr)

Homer vs. Peter: Peter can dole out the hurt like nobody's business, but Homer can take any hit.
Result: Draw

Marge vs. Lois: While Marge has proven quite resourceful over the years and has police and MMA training, Lois would fight dirty. Real dirty.
Result: Lois

Bart vs. Chris: Bart is a prankster artiste but Chris has a crazy monkey driving him and far more weight. I don't think Bart stands a chance.
Result: Chris

Lisa vs. Meg: Lisa is brilliant while Meg is, well, Meg.
Result: Lisa

Maggie vs. Stewie: This is a tough one. Maggie has bested the Ayn Rand School for Tots and shot Mr. Burns while Stewie is a homicidal genius and inventor.
Result: Stewie, but only by a slim margin

Santa's Little Helper vs. Brian: SLP isn't the brightest of pets while Brian is literate and urbane, in a fight he'd cower before the alpha male.
Result: Santa's Little Helper

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  1. Peter Griffin also has something of a public relations problem.

  2. He has, admittedly, many flaws, but I wouldn't have listed fascist as one of them.

  3. this design of animation is cool