Heavyweight Animation Champion Of The World

So it turns out that the Simpons vs. Family Guy bout was only a preliminary round and has already been decided: The Simpsons win and Homer went on to represent them at the Heavyweight Animation Championship Of The World. (Tip of the hat to stop the music now!!) 

Homer Simpson vs. Bugs Bunny:
As I said in my previous post, Homer can take anything that is thrown at him, he's never faced an opponent like Bugs Bunny. That rabit can not only survive gunshots and explosions, he can even make you think he's a woman. How can Homer compete.
Result: Bugs Bunny, by knockout to the tune of Barber of Seville, in the fifth.

And as a bonus, I found out who drew this: Jack Gray and Eric Wiese for Wizard Magazine. Gray explains how they did it.

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