Velma The Vampire Hunter

Update: We've Got Some Work To Do Now is now for sale. Sweet!

Designer Travis Pitts updates the Scoobies for the vampire-slaying, zombie-killing generation. Sadly, it appears Shaggy, Fred and Daphne didn't make it, judging from the RIP on the door of the renamed Misery Machine.

You can see more at Pitt's Flickr page and hopefully find it for sale at Threadless. (Link via Super Punch)

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  1. If Velma = Buffy, then Fred = Giles, Daphne = Willow and Xander = Shaggy. And I guess that Angel = ScrappyDoo.

    Or maybe the metaphor shouldn't be extended that far.

  2. Xander = Shaggy. That's brilliant! Now I really want to see that. But poor Angel. I'd more likely hand the Scrappy-Doo title to Spike. He was far more annoying to everyone.