Klenginem: Eminem Meets Klingon

Klenginem - SuvwI'pu' qan tu'lu'be

A German sings Eminem's Without Me in Klingon. This will be, without a doubt, the weirdest thing you will hear all day.

This will, of course, be the second weirdest:

Shatner Of The Mount

Captain Kirk is climbing the mountain. Why is he climbing the mountain? (Thanks to @thinkgeek for both of these treasures.)

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  1. A German singing in Klingon...we may have come up with a new definition of "redundant"...

    "Kreplach Duck"? What the hell does THAT mean?

  2. QI'lopDaq - "on (a) holiday". Clearly this is not a literal translation of the original "Guess who's back"...

  3. I really took Klenginem's word that he was singing in Klingon (based on his look) and that it was Without Me (based on the backing track). I have no idea what he is actually singing. But I am thrilled that the little crappy video I made for the song has gone viral and has had well over 100,000 views in a week.

  4. IMO, the Shatner video was, by FAR, the weirder of the two.

    (Just recently found your site and I'm working my way backwards thru the archives.)

  5. Working your way back? Wow, hope you're enjoying it - tell your friends!

    I agree the Shatner one was odder, but I gave pride of place to Klenginem because I cobbled together that video out of his audio file and photo galleries.

    He has since made an "official" version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBtj4WoC6XA