Rubik's Cube Last Supper

Created using 4050 cubes as pixels and measuring 8.5 feet x 17 feet, the Rubik's Cube Last Supper was created by artist(s) at Toronto's Cube Works. It has apparently been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records at the largest work of its kind, though I couldn't find it on the site, nor a photo of the work anywhere, just this news report. Too bad, I'd love to see one. Anyway, another Last Supper for the meta list.

Question: Do you think they arranged the sides by hand, or just removed the blocks and/or stickers to arrange them the way they wanted? Not that I ever did anything like that.

Update: YouTube has pulled the video, but Josh Chalom of Cube Works sent me an HD photo of the masterpiece! Click on the pic to see all its cubed glory. And check out the rest of the week's geek Last Suppers.

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  1. When you know how to solve a Rubik's cube, it takes under 5 minutes to solve it completely. Solving the front face takes only a few seconds though as you don't have to care for the other sides.

    So, my guess is that they manual set each cube according to their plan. I even think that 2 months with 5 people is very long time to do that. Give me the cubes, I'll make a different painting.

    BTW, they used the "cheap" version of the cube that has plastic caps, not stickers. And popping/rearranging the pieces would be more time consuming than actualling "solving" the side.

  2. Thanks for the Cube lesson, Eric. Even after all these decades that have passed since they appeared the damned things still confound me.

    I've read since that the timeline was not consecutive work, so they actually did it much quicker. Of course even two months impresses me.

  3. My daughter was one of the cubers who worked on it. On average she can solve a 3x3 cube in less than 15 seconds. She and the other cubers did not peel the stickers - that is way too slow. They would just twist the blocks to get the right pattern on one side in a few seconds. The picture got divided into many panels and the cubers would do it a panel at a time. It took 2 months to work on it because of a shortage of cubes. 'artist' just glued the cubes together. y would dowould The fastest way