Muppets Last Supper

Kermit as Christ pretty much goes without saying, but I wonder about Gonzo as the Judas figure. Sure, he's a Weirdo, but would he betray Kermit? He performed his art for arts sake (if also for the love of a good chicken.) Fozzie on the other hand always wanted to be the star of the show but always failed. Maybe with Kermit out of the way...

Part Four of this week's geeky Last Suppers is The Last Mupper, from multi-talented artist Jesse Rubenfeld, who I had a chance to meet briefly at this year's Toronto Fan Expo and saw this on his display wall.

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  1. I think one with Big Bird as Christ would work nicely - the Sesame Street muppet version.

  2. Done. Go here:
    then scroll down to the eighth photo (out of 102)

  3. From the position of Gonzo re the original he would not be Judas but rathe Peter.