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Harvey Awards Animation from Monkey and Tiger on Vimeo.

First prize is a Harvey Award. Anybody want to see Second prize? A can of spinach. Third prize is you're fired. You get the picture? ... You've got a readership. The syndicates paid good money. Get them to buy the newspaper!

It's harsh, but comic strip characters need to hear it. Reading the comics these days can be such a trudge through mediocrity. I've devised a complex reading pattern, going from worst to okay, hoping to end with at least one snicker.

I used to look forward to reading the Saturday comics and I still head right for them when I'm at the in-laws. Somehow, Beetle Bailey is still being published, and Hägar the Horrible and even Peanuts and Schulz has been dead for almost 10 years!

Sure, there are some bright spots: Get Fuzzy, Zits, Fisher and Pearls Before Swine (to name a few), but they are exceptions not the rule. Maybe newspapers and newspaper comics really are dying. Maybe the guy up top is right: Sandwiches are for closers.

(Thanks to Rene for the tip)

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