Clearly inspired by the Lego recreations of iconic movie posters (and not a desire to make buckets of cash out of childhood nostalgia), Warner Bros. announced that they are making a Lego film.

While no details have been announced, Variety reports that it will be a "family comedy that will mix live action and animation. Warners is keeping the plot tightly under wraps, but it's described as an action adventure set in a Lego world."

Most reaction has fallen into the "what the hell are they going to make out of that" camp, but why fight it? Hollywood will turn anything into a film — plot be damned. And there are already plans for a View-Master film so why not.

With that in mind, Vanity Fair is already suggesting directors and story lines:

Steven Spielberg: Troubled by her parents’ divorce, a little girl (Elle Fanning) builds her own fantasy world when she discovers she has the power to give life to Lego.

Wes Anderson: A precocious child spends four years locked in his bedroom in a fevered attempt to make Lego coruduroy.

Martin Scorsese: A regular Lego guy from the Lego neighborhood gets sucked into the Lego mob after shooting a Lego cop.

Thanks to @poppysmum for the tip.

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