Reservoir Bounty Hunters

Boba Fett: "You shoot me in a dream, you better wake up and apologize." (Bounty Hunters by Andy MacDonald)

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Pablo Picasso VS. Alien

This is Picasso's earlier version of Guernica, warning humanity against the suffering and devastation caused by xenomorphs. If only Ripley had seen this. (Evan Lopez for Gauntlet Gallery's Mashup Show)

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Pulp Fiction Flowchart

Don't have time to watch a movie or even recap it? Boom, here's Pulp Fiction in five seconds, by designer Matteo Civaschi of creative agency H-57's book Life in Five Seconds.

Well, that was quick, here's The Matrix as well. (via Laughing Squid, h/t @MSiddiqi)

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Adventure Time: Mathematical, Mashupmatical

I am new to Adventure Time. It's a show that I continually saw referenced on my feeds and by artists I follow, but I'd never seen it until the past two weeks when I decided to see what everyone was so enamored by. Now Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are stuck in my head and I decided to look back at what I missed. Consider this a pop culture tribute to the Land of Ooo. Above:
Glob of Thrones by Dan Hipp. Finn wearing his Jake armor is a nice touch.

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Go-Go-Gadget Commands

Gadget Industries top secret gadget activation voice commands by Dave Perillo for Bottleneck Gallery's  upcoming Gizmos and Gadgets show. What is Inspector Gadget's backstory anyway? Is he just a happier Robocop? A blissed out Wolverine who volunteered to be transformed? Who made him?

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Darth Hitler VS. Rebel Scum George Washington

Pop culture and history collide in Peter Adamyan's Star Wars portraits of Hitler and Washington for WWA Gallery’s Creepy Cute show.

Shockingly, I don't think I've ever see Hitler literally as Darth Vader.

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Wil Wheaton's Last Supper

So Wil Wheaton is the son of God. Huh. Artist Wayne Dorrington isn't saying he is for sure, but, well, he did this, based on his show TableTop. You be the judge. List of disciples at his site (Geekdad via John Farrier)

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Chris Brown's Honey Smacks

Keeps yo' pimp hand strong. From Dave MacDowell's upcoming show Project Mayhem at Thinkspace Gallery. Says Dave of his subject: "I want him to kick my ass! :)"

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Star Wars Cartography

Artist Andrew DeGraff has mapped out the locations and travels of the original Star Wars trilogy. Above is A New Hope and /film has the other two maps. DeGraff will reveal more maps at his upcoming Gallery 1988 show. Can't wait! (h/t via Noah Love)

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They Might Be Klingons

This hit me right in my nerd spot. Who know there was a Klingon/They Might Be Giants crossover? Anyway the song starts at 2:20, but watch the whole thing.

Deep Space Nine Was Once Terok Nor
Now It's Deep Space Nine not Terok Nor
Many Stardates Gone Since Ol Terok Nor
Saw Cardassian Blows On A B'Joran "nose"

Every Gorn That Lives On Terok Nor,
Knows Its Deep Space Nine, Not Terok Nor
So If You Plan To Blow-Up Terok Nor
You'd Better Start At Deep Space Nine.

Entire lyrics and an explanation at io9. (Link via John Farrier)

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You Know Nothing, Jon Snowflake!

Winter in coming, etc. I just finished A Storm of Swords last night and am about to begin A Feast of Crows. This seemed appropriate. (via Cast a Large Shadow)

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