Mickey Mouse The Barbarian

Mickey, what is best in life?

Gosh... crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women. Ha ha!

Even as a muscled out mouse, I imagine Mickey would still be sickly sweet.

(My day job by John T. Quinn III, VP of character art at Disney, so I suppose he can draw whatever he likes. Link via Super Punch)

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Bond Vs. Bond

This is a fantastic idea for a James Bond film. From ninjaink:
"Only the Good Die Twice is a spy story set within the fictional James Bond universe. Through the prologue, it is revealed that the name "James Bond" is the codename for agents with 007 status and that the original James Bond from the Cold War (played by Sean Connery in a returning role) has gone rogue and is now the head of SPECTRE. The current Bond is tasked by MI6 to stop him before he can initiate a global thermonuclear war."

Daniel Craig vs Sean Connery? That would be awesome!

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How Spider-Man Saved Christmas

Of course the down side is that the Grinch never learns his lesson, his heart never grows three sizes and he continues to terrorize the Who's for years,because nobody that gets caught by a superhero ever seems to remain in captivity. (How the Grinch Sto.... by Michael Delmundo, via Comics Alliance)

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The Breaking Bad Mashups We Deserve

These are two Breaking Bad mashups I've had sitting around, finally getting to them. Above: Jeff Matsuda, producer and creative director on The Batman, drew a pile of mashups for an awesome Reddit thread. Below, Dann Matthews brings The Muppets into the world of meth, where I'd always assumed they'd been for the past few years.

BBC's Sherlock Characters Interrogate Internet Cats

I don't know anything about the BBC show Sherlock, but I do love internet cats, especially when they are all bunched together. Thanks Tumblr, for bringing reapersun to my attention.

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Marvel Vs. A Christmas Story: You'll Shoot Your Adamantium Eye Out!

"Are you kidding? Stick my tongue to that stupid Iceman? That's dumb."
"That's 'cause you know it'll stick." (For reference)

They must have triple-dog dared him. (Logan Takes a Bet by Jason Welborn for draw2d2's lastest mashup.)

Of course the Hulk has a different way to handle things. (Hulk by Alex Ryan)

Awesome! I love A Christmas Story. (Wolverine by Justin Hansen)

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Batman's Last Supper

There are enough Batman characters to make their own Last Supper? Clearly, yes. It's times like this that I have to admit my comics knowledge is puddle deep. Apparently that is Nightwing in the Judas position, but wasn't who the artist, Glasmond, had intended. Anywho the Latin translates to family comes before all things or family over everything. (The last thanksgiving batfam supper by Glasmond)

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How The Sesame Street Gang Felt About The Muppets

You just know they had to be a little bitter. Sure, they're famous, but they're not stars like The Muppets. And before anyone points out that they are all Muppets, including Yoda and the Fraggles, when anyone says The Muppets, they mean The Muppet Show. (Brought To You By The Letter A by Ian Abando for the Lovers, Dreamers & Me show)

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The Archie Breakfast Club

A brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse. A great rendition of the Breakfast Club as the Archies, bit I think Mike Perkins got the characters around.

If anyone should be playing Molly Ringlwald (and sorry, I don't think of them by their character names) it should be Veronica, not Betty. Spoiled rich girl? That's Veronica.

Reggie as Emilio Estevez seems to work but he really should be playing Judd Nelson while Archie should be be Estevez. He's always wearing a letterman jaclket. And Jughead should be playing Ally Sheedy, so that makes Betty the nerdy Anthony Michael Hall. (Via 50 Archie Covers)

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Los Rebeldes Feroces!

"A long time ago in a country not so far away, the hope of freedom was kept alive by eight brave and honourable luchadors known as Los Rebeldes Feroces!"

Seriously, El Robo Diablo? Someone found a way to make C-3PO look cool. (Chris McVeigh & Matthew Parsons, via Distracted by Star Wars)

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Secret Agent Calvin Hobbes

What if Calvin grew up to be a secret agent? You don't have to wonder, Coran Stone has done it for you: "I thought of Calvin as a boy who grew into a man and never gave up on imagining himself as different characters."

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Vader Got Served

"You can't win, Darth. If you strike me down, my move will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine." (Vader Got Served by Aaron Jasinski)

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Fifty Ways To Be A Good Guy

Robert Ball has completed his Fifty Goodies project, depicting many of cinemas most iconic good guys (and women, robots and animals.) Prints are for sale at his shop, check back Ball's site for a list of the goodies.

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Robotic Companions

Some of Nathan Stapley's recent pieces for Gallery 1998 are up for sale as prints, letting me revisit one that I didn't get around to posting — Robotic Companions. I really like the look of his work, especially when it involves 15 awesome robots.

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Famous Muppet Auditions

Where have the Muppets been since we last saw them? Trying out for some of the most popular TV and movies of the past few years. Sam the Eagle as Don Draper is perfection. (Steve Murray for National Post)

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Kennedy Assassination: The Game

What better way to commemorate the 48th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination than an 8-bit recreation of of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald? Yeah, take that Stephen King. (Iotacons by Andy Rash)

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Beat Down The Walls, Begin, Believe, Behold, Begat

Who wouldn't want to see a live performance of Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem? I've been a fan ever since hearing Can You Picture That in The Muppet Movie. Barring that ever coming true, I will have to satisfy myself with Michael De Pippo's Dr. Teeth concert posters, available at Acme Archives.

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The Ringwraiths Of Sweetums

The best thing about a new Muppets movie coming out is all the awesome Muppet mashups that are surfacing because of it. Viva pop culture revivals! (Dark Sweetums by Justin Hansen for draw2d2's Muppets/Tolkien mashup.

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In Space, No One Can Hear Muppets Scream

This is exactly how they should update Pigs In Space — parodies of classic space movies. (Open Sesame by Eric Fan via Geek-Art - though the link seems to have disappeared. Muppets getting heavy-handed with the copyright?)

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I Want To Believe... In Beauty And The Beast

The Beast and Belle as Mulder and Scully? Now that's a direction I'd love to see Disney go in any remake. (James Silvani via Amy Mebberson)

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30 Rock: The Animated Series

I could imagine this playing as a cartoon, with an even less tenuous connection to reality. I mean Kenneth is already practically a cartoon character. (via An Illustration-a-Day Blog)

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Iron Maiden Animal

I was never a fan of Iron Maiden but I was always intrigued by their artwork and the character Eddie. So what could make him even cooler? Augie Pagan's Animal Unleashed from his Lowbrow Candy Store show with Dave MacDowell.

NES Zappers At 10 Paces

Hey, lets not fight - lets shoot that damn dog that keeps laughing at us. And how far is 10 paces anyway? Would the cords reach that far? (The Duel by Aaron Jasinski)

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Oh, My Love, My Darling, I've Hungered For Your Touch...

I said I was done with Bill Murray postings. I lied. They keep pulling me back in! But this isn't from the Please Post Bills show, but another Gallery 1988 show called Ghosts and featuring one of my favourite artists, Scott Campbell. Also, the scene of Venkman and Slimer is sooo touching.

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Breaking Bad Paper Dolls

I loved illustrator Kyle Hilton's paper doll set of the Arrested Development cast and was excited to hear that he was making a set for Breaking Bad.

But as the set was commissioned by the show, he had to keep it under wraps. Lucky for us, he has given a sneak preview on his website. Here is Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. The rest are on his site, unless he has taken/been told to take them down.