The Life Of A Disney Princess

Disney Princesses, Deconstructed: From Snow White to Belle, if you're hot a man will save you. I feel for all the parents who shepherded little princesses around last night. I just trailed around a pirate. Not a Somali pirate, but still.

From Sociological Issues, who took a nice bit of satire and killed it with treatises on patriarchy, monarchy and Disney as a "force of evil in the world."

Anyone seen the original of this? I looked, but everyone is just referencing the last site they saw it on. Ah well, I tried.

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  2. Terminator 2 made me feel the same way. I saw it with a friend and her young daughter and the whole movie is full of Serious Men Solving Problems, and evil or dumb or useless women. none of the robots are female except for one assassin robot who uses her appearance (of course) to seduce the good guy and try to kill him. and every other woman in the movie is either the stupid mom (who doesn't even know what a hash brownie is, and eats one) or a super beautiful sex interest who does nothing but look good and scream when something scary happens. i felt kind of disgusted by it. not to mention of course it's a stupid movie anyway (the pentagon is not in washington D.C., mr. michael bay)

  3. Not sure where this originated, but thanks for posting it. Here's an interesting take on what Disney Princesses would look like in real life:

  4. I know, I couldn't find the original source. Thanks for the Fallen Princesses reminder - I had blogged about the photos before and forgot about them. I've added a link.

  5. It only shows that ugly people are going to have a hard time living.
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  6. Ill be Aurora cause i love to sleep waiting for a kiss from a prince charming to bring me back from my nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This is one reason why my wife is reluctant to allow Disney Princesses into our daughter's life.

    Not that one needs another reason to eschew them.

  8. you have to realize that all these stories predate disney. The princesses' roles where likely set long before woman's sufferage, never mind the feminist movement. So disney (in regular disney fashion) took stories that already existed and made it their own, within the original framework. Why doesn't Mr. Brunner consider characters like Wendy, or Mulan. or more modern disney female roles, like in pixar movies. Pixar's stories tend to be brand new and not recycled. So, females characters aren't held down by their pre-feminist/ woman's suffrage beginnings.

  9. First of all, the heroine in "Beauty and the Beast" is Belle, not "Bell". And where's Mulan? Granted she spends much of the movie pretending to be a male and there's undoubtedly something sexist in that, but she does save the day without the use of sexuality. It's something, at least.

  10. wit of a twit: I assume because it wouldn't be as funny if he did. Seeing as I can't find any whiff of the original I can only guess at Brunner's motives, but I suspect he made it as less of a sociological study and more of a humour piece.

    Glenn: First of all, thanks for kindly pointing out my typo. Secondly, see above.