You Sunk My Cruise Ship!

That is some crappy cruise — it must have been obvious they were sailing into a war zone, what with all the water plumes and flaming ships. Who's the captain, Zapp Branningan?

Wrong Target by Glennz — and yes I realize I am turning into a t-shirt blog.

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  1. No way is that a 5-hole vessel.

  2. Nah, you're the Last Supper Blogger.

  3. Perhaps it is the newly launched Oasis of the Seas, which weighs a ridiculous 220,000 tons - about the same as a five-hole aircraft carrier. How's that for full-service geek blogging?

    John - true, I suppose I have made a dent in that niche. Which reminds me...

  4. Damn dude. I'm not easily impressed.

    Not that I did any fact-checking, but, you know. I'm giving you the benefit of the apathy!

  5. (apologies for the redundant post: what I mean to imply there by "I'm not easily impressed" is that I AM IMPRESSED - both by the tonnage, and by your ready facility with stats)

  6. It's easy if you believe whatever the first Google result is. There's no downside to that kind of research, right?

  7. True, but you're still stuck having to come up with the right question! Or perhaps I should say, query.

    No big problem for us expert googlers, natch.