Raise A Little Hell!

It might be more appropriate to say raise a tiny bit of hell. An almost infinitesimal amount of hell, because if tossing crackers into soup is what passes for hell-raising these days, my kitchen could pass for Hades.

Oh yeah! I'm totally going to rock out my soup with some saltines! Woo!
I just don't get advertising sometimes.

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  1. Advertising is easy to figure out.

    Baby boomer music plus comfort food equals stay home, eat and get fat and consume too much salt.

    Then, go to the emergency room, doctor sees you, etc.

    Capitalism. Sometimes I get on these socialist rants. Pardon me.

  2. But Raise A Little Hell as a sales pitch for comfort food? I totally see the nostalgia value but I would think people who felt they used to raise hell would just be depressed by this pairing. Hmm, maybe that would drive them to comfort food.

    Keep fighting the power, Hersh.