My God, It's Full Of Stars

The Golden Age of Video

This video came, saw and kicked my ass. To the Idiotmobile!

I've been meaning to post Ricardo Autobahn's The Golden Age of Video for some time - it's a fabulous mash up of movies, TV and great lines that makes something greater than its parts.

Neatorama reminded me of it by posting the lyrics and a link to David Glover, who names all the almost 50 different references. If you've somehow missed it in your web travels, it's worth a watch.

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  1. It is a very interesting piece. And some of the references (such as the one from Blow) are pretty obscure. Of course, I have to wonder if there is any significance to the Freaks chant and lines from The Prisoner occurring more than once? A sad commentary on pop culture perhaps?

  2. I'll take the freaks label - one of us, one of us! I think the references can be seen as postive - I am a free man.